I passionately believe children from all abilities and background should have equal access to tools that help them grow in life. 

I think yoga is a wonderful practice that can help children and young people throughout life.

Through breath work,  movement and mindfulness children can learn tools to: build self-trust, hold big feelings, develop awareness of themselves and the world around them.

I am based in Oxford and teach yoga alongside my mental health practice.

I welcome all expressions of self in my sessions, however loud, quiet, diverse or different the child's expression might be. 

If you are wondering whether my practice would be the right fit for a child or young person you know or want to find out more please get in touch. 



My name is Sarah Walsh, I'm a mental health practitioner and yoga teacher in Oxford. 

I am an experienced mental health practitioner, specialising in working with children and families. I have worked in the NHS and social care alongside children  and families with complex needs supporting their mental health and relationships. When working with children and families I believe it’s crucial to build strong relationships, so people feel seen and heard. I love bringing creative and playful ideas into my practice when doing this work. 


Throughout my career I have observed the transformational impact of bringing creativity, yoga and mindfulness into spaces to promote children and young people's wellbeing. I am passionate about joining these practices with my mental health training to empower young people to thrive in life. 


I’ve completed training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Systemic Family Approaches, Therapeutic Play, Vinyasa Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga.